It feels good to run. It feels great to feel the wind on your face as you conquer each mile. It is one of those moments when you love the fell of every drop of sweat in your body. It feels fantastic to have your body move in coordination as you follow your own rhythm when you run. In those moments, you are in complete control of your body, your rhythm, your movement. You are cruising to your set goal or destination. You work hard for it. You are determined to get there.

And you know what will make it even better? It is listening to the right kind of music as you move your body. One that follows the beat of your heart and the stump of your feet. It is as if you and the music are one. It makes for a great workout routine. Being able to listen to your favorite songs while you do your thing. But of course, it has to have the right beat to match your movement. It would be weird to listen to a sad and slow love song when you are poised to elevate your performance on the oval, right? That is why Cruise Control Run is here. We are here to be your deejay as you change your pace all throughout your workout routine. We will make sure the music matches your movement so that you will stay in the groove. Studies show that most people prefer to listen to music when they run or exercise. And we are here to make sure that the music you listen to is just right – one that will not distract you from your workout and one that will motivate you to give your best each time you step on the oval.

Cruise Control Run is a smart application that chooses the right songs from your very own music collection to match each pace of your workout.  The application analyzes the songs on your music folder and chooses the ones that would be best for running. It bases its analysis on the song’s beat per minute. Those songs with a high level of energy will be selected and Cruise Control Run will store these songs in its memory so that it can choose which song to play as soon as you go out of your garage door in Scottsdale and all throughout your run.

Cruise Control Run is so easy to use. Just download the app and let it analyze the songs on your smartphone and it will be the one to take care of the rest. There are 4 ways to use our app. You can go on a Free Run and the app will match your pace. You can set a Target Pace and Cruise Control Run will help you keep up with your target speed. You can also set it on Heart Rate or Cadence and the app will adjust the music to your stride. You will hear a beep whenever your stride or pace does not match your set goal. Cool, right? So, go out and get running. Cruise Control Run will take care of your music.


Keeping fit is serious business. You have to commit to it starting Day 1. You do it day in and day out, no matter what the weather is outside or whether it’s a holiday or not. There are different ways to keep yourself fit. Some people enroll themselves in the gym. Some have a personal fitness instructor. Some follow a strict diet. Some engage in sports and other physical activities like jogging, brisk walking, hiking, or biking. Just choose the one that will work for you and stick to it no matter what.

Keeping fit should be fun. You should love what you do. This is very important because if you take the fun out of it, keeping fit and working out would become a drag. It is like forcing yourself to do something you do not like to do. You should have fun while working out or doing what you do to keep yourself fit. If you do not love what you do, then you will get tired of doing it. Eventually, you will lose the motivation to keep fit or the desire to work out because you do not have fun doing it. That is why it is recommended that there is some level of fun and enjoyment in what you do. You can also cut yourself some slack once in a while. Have cheat days if you are following a certain diet. There is no point in depriving yourself of the good stuff. As they say, you only live once. But of course, do not go overboard. It is always about keeping things balanced. Everything in moderation. You can indulge once in a while but you have to make up for it by doing extra push-ups for example. Just know your limitations and you should be good to go.


I used to work out a lot when I was younger. But back then, I did it for a different reason. I did it to look good and get the boys to notice me. I guess it worked as I had many suitors and I got to pick the best among them. But when I finally got married, I lost the drive to work out. What for? I already got myself a fine husband. I came up with a lot of excuses. I told myself I was too busy to work out and there were really a lot of things to be done (well, there really were!). Then I had kids and I told myself that there were better things to do like spend time with my children. But as I grew older, I could feel my body changing. It became harder for my body to metabolize and I eventually got bigger and bigger until it felt hard to move my body. It was like I became lethargic. That was when I realized the importance of working out and keeping fit. But this time, I have the right reason to do so. I am doing it because I love myself. I owe it to myself to keep my body fit so that I would feel stronger and better. I am doing it so that I can be a better wife and mother. So now, I make it a point to work out regularly and to keep myself fit. I can say that it has helped me become a better mom because I now have the energy and endurance to keep up with the activities of my children. It has helped me become a better wife because I have the strength to serve my husband everytime he needs me. And most of all, it has helped me become a better person because I am loving myself more each and every day.

SPORTS: Coach-Athlete Relationships

Keeping fit is an important part of an athlete’s life. But so is his or her relationship with the coach. The coach can make or break an athlete’s motivation to win. That is why it is important to keep the coach-athlete relationship harmonious. They have to be in sync, both working towards a common goal. Coaches play an important role in an athlete’s life. They are the motivator, parent, teacher, friend, strategist, counselor, problem solver, and a whole lot more. However, the various roles and tasks that coaches take on can take their toll on the coaches and cause stress. Coaches are also individuals with their own concerns and challenges. They need assistance from sports psychologists to attend to their own needs. Sports psychology helps coaches become more self-aware and to realize that they are in charge of themselves. Their psychological needs such as processing their feelings, needs, and desires also need to be met. Coaches have a huge influence on athletes and by addressing their personal issues and challenges, they can, in turn, be more prepared and effective in addressing the team’s needs. Sports psychology allows coaches to maximize the potential of each member of the team and design sport-specific measures to help them improve their performance. It is a valuable resource in ensuring that all aspects of team management are addressed and therefore paves the way for the achievement of the team’s goals. It is a level of success that is not just defined by material rewards and public recognition. It is a level of success that can be seen in the trusting relationship between a coach and his team or athlete, and the positive values and behavior developed by the players that they can use not just on the field but in the greater arena of life.