It feels good to run. It feels great to feel the wind on your face as you conquer each mile. It is one of those moments when you love the fell of every drop of sweat in your body. It feels fantastic to have your body move in coordination as you follow your own rhythm when you run. In those moments, you are in complete control of your body, your rhythm, your movement. You are cruising to your set goal or destination. You work hard for it. You are determined to get there.

And you know what will make it even better? It is listening to the right kind of music as you move your body. One that follows the beat of your heart and the stump of your feet. It is as if you and the music are one. It makes for a great workout routine. Being able to listen to your favorite songs while you do your thing. But of course, it has to have the right beat to match your movement. It would be weird to listen to a sad and slow love song when you are poised to elevate your performance on the oval, right? That is why Cruise Control Run is here. We are here to be your deejay as you change your pace all throughout your workout routine. We will make sure the music matches your movement so that you will stay in the groove. Studies show that most people prefer to listen to music when they run or exercise. And we are here to make sure that the music you listen to is just right – one that will not distract you from your workout and one that will motivate you to give your best each time you step on the oval.

Cruise Control Run is a smart application that chooses the right songs from your very own music collection to match each pace of your workout.  The application analyzes the songs on your music folder and chooses the ones that would be best for running. It bases its analysis on the song’s beat per minute. Those songs with a high level of energy will be selected and Cruise Control Run will store these songs in its memory so that it can choose which song to play as soon as you go out of your garage door in Scottsdale and all throughout your run.

Cruise Control Run is so easy to use. Just download the app and let it analyze the songs on your smartphone and it will be the one to take care of the rest. There are 4 ways to use our app. You can go on a Free Run and the app will match your pace. You can set a Target Pace and Cruise Control Run will help you keep up with your target speed. You can also set it on Heart Rate or Cadence and the app will adjust the music to your stride. You will hear a beep whenever your stride or pace does not match your set goal. Cool, right? So, go out and get running. Cruise Control Run will take care of your music.