Another question I inquired if there are any usa shapes which he saw

Another question I inquired if there are any usa shapes which he saw

In addition he realized that the medical facilities were certainly getting much better with regards to medication along with terms of the variety of drugs which were offered

He explained that Puerto Rico turned more up to date. I then questioned your exactly what he required by can he demonstrated that the soil roadways turned into concrete and road indicators gone from authored out over synthetic a€?neata€? lettering. The guy in addition mentioned that more industrial facilities had been popping up in the nation plus machines was being introduced to assist employment just like agriculture. Then I requested a follow upwards concern because i desired to understand if the guy sensed that the external influences from the U . S . happened to be great or harmful to the country.

Another concern I query had been exactly why performed the guy read a significantly better chance in the United States in the place of in Puerto Rico. He asserted that he had multiple friends of their who went along to the United States to take into consideration better job potential. His buddies would attempt to persuade him to come to the United States since they have a career lined up for your. Finally in the age of 16 the guy generated his choice to exit Puerto Rico and visit new york where a beneficial spending work ended up being awaiting your. My personal followup question got when this was actually a direct result the alteration in life-style the spot where the farming areas in Puerto Rico became much more developed. The guy explained that there are larger spending tasks in the usa simply because they happened to be rebuilding their own economy after the big despair. New manufacturer opportunities and the agriculture jobs had very little payouts in which he needed to make a hardcore decision. I asked him if he had any regrets leaving his family Puerto Rico and following a position in the usa. The guy advised the guy wouldn’t because the guy was given a good amount of money which helped his struggling group in Puerto Rico. He told me he’d do whatever they took to be certain their household is healthy and do not eager. Sooner or later their brothers and sibling observed my grandpa’s footsteps and in addition involved New York to work plus they made an excellent live and supported their family along the way.

The guy really believed that the usa had good motives to produce a more developed and financially seem Puerto Rico

My last matter to your was actually; I wanted to know what are their opinion of reputation matter deciding on family members still living truth be told there. The guy said which he was actually for statehood. He informed me that Puerto Rico has already been treated as a state. They stick to the exact same statutes because the U . S . and are subject to them. He said it absolutely was unjust that the people in Puerto Rico have no any voting liberties for presidency and representation in federal government was actually unfair. He told me he thinks there are numerous issues to statehood. He told me the economic climate is certainly not what it was once in which he frightened your US obligations could carry-over to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico try striving nowadays worse versus united states of america. His worry is rather than producing Puerto Rico better it’s going to crush her economy. Another fear of his is Puerto Rico would get rid of their heritage. My personal grandpa discovered Spanish before English. He worries that English takes more and also the local words might possibly be destroyed. He agrees that English needs to be instructed but as another words. The guy desires the Spanish language to keep to-be talked in course areas.