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Nor could I like my personal address a lot more if I attempted!

Nor could I like my personal address a lot more if I attempted!

Featured Writer: Juliann High

Minnesota writer Juliann Rich spent the woman childhood on the lookout for an ideal climbing tree. The bigger the greater! A branch thirty base off the ground had been an effective perch for a lady to obtain by herself. Seeking reality in nature and finding a unique standpoint stay important factors in her life as well as their writing.

Juliann is actually a PFLAG mommy who is going to be found walking Pride parades along with her boy. She’s in addition the child of evangelical Christian moms and dads. Therefore she’s got come caught in the crossfire quite heated subject to test our society and the church buildings today. She is focused on creating tales that shed light on the problems that appear whenever sexual orientation, spirituality, parents characteristics and fellow relationships collide.

Q&A with Creator Juliann Deep:

What a good question! Bold Strokes publications artwork artist, Sheri, performed a phenomenal task because of the address for Caught in the Crossfire. First of all hit myself whenever my personal writer, Len Barot, delivered it to me got Sheri’s preference to highlight Ian McGuire, the enjoy interest about address versus Jonathan Cooper, my main figure. While I happened to be right away attracted to the unit’s intense look, I additionally sensed conflicted because i have always thought of this as Jonathan’s tale.