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Trapping your friends in a corner with a well-placed bomb is a gaming rite of passage andSuper Bombermanstands astheSNES party game for that reason. Technically never officially released by Nintendo until is inclusion on the SNES Classic, Star Fox 2 is practically a new game for those who never played it through emulators over the years. While the first Star Fox was ambitious from a technological perspective, Star Fox 2 is equally ambitious in terms of its unique real-time mission structure. The sequel sees players fighting off enemies in aerial combat while also defending Fox McCloud’s home planet of Corneria. In this way, the game becomes a bit of a tactical RPG, as you have to decide which enemies to divide your time between as Corneria’s defenses are slowly depleted.

Now that the SNES Classic is out, we thought it would be a good time to revisit the console and take a look back at some of its best titles. All 21 games that appear on the SNES Classic’s library are included on this list, but there are also a ton of other great SNES games that, for whatever reason, didn’t make the cut.

In it, you play tennis in either singles, doubles, or world circuit mode. Although it didn’t exactly make waves amongst critics at the time of its release, Earthbound has become more popular in recent times, becoming a cult classic.

As the whip wielding Simon Belmont, the game was, in many respects, a reimagining of the original Castlevania on the Famicom. Another game that has aged well, Super Castlevania IV is a masterpiece of form and makes one long for the days of classic 2D adventure games. To celebrate this classic console, I assembled a list of the console’s 10 greatest games. To determine the contents of this list, I polled 17 forest elves on their preferences for certain species of wild mushrooms, then divided the results by five and matched them with Super NES sales figures from the 1990s.

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Without further ado, here are rankings of the 40 best SNES games of all time. As always, we welcome your feedback and don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments below about what some of your favorite SNES games are and which ones you feel should have made the list that didn’t.

Kogarashi Mario World

Super Castlevania IV was an upgrade to the Famicom-based Castlevania’s in every way. Sound, graphics, gameplay, and polish – everything came together in this game from Konami. Eerie atmosphere combined with an epic soundtrack kept players pushing forward through hordes of demons and enemies inspired by classic horror.

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In other words, you probably won’t agree with this list, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. In 1991, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System—commonly known as the "Super NES" or "SNES"—in the United States. The highly regarded console would go on to sell 23 million units in North America and play host to some of the greatest classic video games ever made. Released in 1991, Super Tennis ushered in a great period of sports titles for the SNES for years to come. Like many great games on the SNES, it utilized the Mode 7 chip for 3D aspects of gameplay.

Unfortunately, the game’s low-fi polygonal graphics betray its age and even by 1996 standards the game looked dated . A flight-sim game,Pilotwingscertainly isn’t a game that appeals to everyone, but it’s hard to dispute its influence on the SNES, especially from a graphical standpoint.

One of only three games available when the SNES first launched,Pilotwingsis often considered to be the ultimate tech demo for Nintendo’s 16-bit console. The game used the Super Nintendo’s Mode 7 capability to simulate 3D graphics, which in turn madePilotwingsa pretty convincing flight-sim for its time and offered a nice challenge for would-be pilots.