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Lady Who Tricked 1000s Of Males On Tinder Describes Purpose

Lady Who Tricked 1000s Of Males On Tinder Describes Purpose

Last week, Natasha Aponte achieved nationwide interest as the girl exactly who tricked countless people on Tinder

Aponte made use of the internet dating software to invite men to fulfill her in nyc’s Union Square latest Saturday. If they all had gotten truth be told there on the other hand, Aponte disclosed that they happened to be actually welcomed to get involved in the woman people matchmaking competitors. “Hi everybody. Since you may or cannot learn, i’m Natasha, and that I has folks here today to get on a date with me,” Aponte said, stepping on the stage-set right up into the square.

Some men appeared amazed. The woman they think these people were encounter for a night out together had welcomed all these more men with the same spot while doing so.

“Dating apps have become challenging, and I mentioned, ‘Maybe I am able to deliver anyone in person and watch exactly how that happens.’ Therefore, do you have what must be done to winnings a night out together with me?” the girl revealed on the crowd. Some men chuckled, rest hurled profanities and remaining.

Now, Aponte provides shared she worked with a manufacturer called Rob Bliss to perform the massive online dating plan. Bliss created a short movie explaining how and exactly why the duo in the offing the ruse. The film, entitled “The Tinder pitfall,” was released on Thursday, and included footage from Aponte’s mass date in Union Square.

“There’s countless issues associated with the internet dating,” Rob Bliss told CBS Information.