If you’re gallivanting just like the A great, Mona donned a black colored hoodie, black colored sweats, and you can black gloves

If you’re gallivanting just like the A great, Mona donned a black colored hoodie, black colored sweats, and you can black gloves

During the her time in Radley, Mona dressed in a white diligent outfit and you can restricted make-up. She as well as dressed in black grey shirts together with a vacant search within her vision.

Year 1

In just one of Aria Montgomery’s flashbacks, Mona is found which have cups and you may 2 pigtails, seeking go out that have Alison and you will Aria. She asks these to wait up, however, Alison DiLaurentis tells Aria to disregard this lady and you will Aria obeys, powering away from Loser Mona. Mona are soil and you may wraps their palms around by herself. After Alison’s demise, Mona was first seen which have Hanna Marin looking throughout the shopping center. They comment on for every other’s jewellery that they stole ahead of Hanna would go to correspond with Spencer Hastings. Mona shoplifts a scarf then matches with Hanna exactly who shoplifted a couple of $350 cups.

Hanna and you will Mona spend time close the lockers shortly after Aria came away from Ezra classroom until Mona catches sight off Sean Ackard, and you may Hanna says to the lady buddy you to definitely she will look for her later. From inside the English class, Mona saunters within the, inquiring whether this woman is late, cluelessly contacting Mr. Fitz, “Mr. Fritz” so you’re able to everyone’s activities. Mr. Fitz tells the girl just to grab the woman seat. Whenever she requires the lady chair, Hanna explains this lady mistake. However, Mona said she achieved it for the preps. After, Mona and you will Hanna try walking out of your own shopping mall, flanked with plenty of looking bags. The 2 females are cheerfully messaging towards day of discovers when suddenly it catch eyes out of Darren Wilden, reputation in the parking lot. Mona reassures the woman that he doesn’t have anything on her, given that she purchased everything legally.

At school, Mona and you may Hanna mention their current shoplifts, whenever Sean and you will Noel Kahn walk over. It announce Noel’s blowout cabin party prepared for the next evening. When they leave, Mona concerns Hanna on whenever she is going to have sex having Sean, and you will Hanna responds enraged. Mona states you to she is not driving to possess Hanna to do it, but wonders in the event the matchmaking is actually actual if they have not done they. Later on, at cluster, she see’s Hanna marching angrily along the lawn to get at Sean’s vehicles. Mona aims inquiring Hanna what’s wrong and why she’s taking Sean’s auto, however, Hanna never ever also responds, in lieu of operating away from towards the car.

Mona is down seriously to talk with this new five females if you’re insulting Spencer’s time, which is the contrary from what Spencer desires individuals believe away from Alex Santiago. In the Homecoming, Mona and Hanna cam as they insult any alternative female look eg. Mona and you may Hanna get into a hot argument when Mona tends to make sexy statements in order to Lucas Gottesman, having arrive at picture the dancing to the yearbook. Hanna greets him warmly, but Mona shoos your out. Immediately following the guy simply leaves, both argue more than whether or not prominence is much more essential than getting amicable so you’re able to nerds, where Mona alerts Hanna you to definitely she will maybe not get back to getting a loss and will dump the woman relationship with Hanna when it comes to they.

Pretty Little Liars

Mona sees Lucas and you may Hanna talking along with her. Mona isn’t enthusiastic about the relationships development and you can mercilessly taunts Lucas, calling your “hermie” and “shim,” brands you to definitely Alison got manufactured. Mona continues to make fun of Lucas until Hanna says to their she knows Mona’s the wallet was bought toward ebay. Mona pretends she bought it due to the fact “a good goof.” Afterwards, completely fed up, Hanna pulls Mona away and you may phone calls their a good hypocrite for treating someone into cheaper social houston women seeking women standing therefore impolite after they made use of to be in one to same strata themselves.