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Some of the most popular choices are Crayon and Watercolor categories but creativity has no limits. Due download now to its popularity, many developers have created plugins to extend Photoshop’s functionalities. These plugins have a wide range of features, from brushes and textures to presets, filters, and HDR merging.

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  • I am a die hard fan of Photoshop and using it from past 6-7 years.
  • Trust me, you just need to spend a few time on Photoshop to explore its capabilities.
  • First of all, you need to select the png image which you want to convert and then right click on it.
  • Usually, people think that Photoshop is hard to use, but it was not true.

These plugins are easy to use and offer extreme results. For example, you can add water to your pictures or build your own planet. The photo effects offered by Flaming Pear seem to have no limits. This Photoshop plugin allows you to create art in seconds by transforming your images or painting new ones. This Photoshop plugin allows you to build your own image filters.

Photoshop in itself is a creative powerhouse and a ‘can’t live without’ tool for photographers and designers. But, there are countless plugins available that will allow you to get even more out of Adobe’s photo editing software. ON1 Resize provides one of the best apps for resizing images. With it, you can enlarge images without loss of sharpness or detail.

Topaz B&W effects – is a software plug-ins that helps you convert color photos into beautiful monochrome images. It uses a unique B&W conversion engine that emphasizes tone and texture in order to help you get B&W images that pop.

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To show you exactly how many things you can do with Photoshop, we’ve gathered the best plugins from companies like Skylum and Topaz Studios in a list dedicated to professional photographers. This freeware plugin contains 69 image effects within nine effect group. Aurora HDR’19 – Aurora HDR is the world’s most advanced HDR photo editor, enjoyed by millions of photographers. The revolutionary Quantum HDR Engine™ delivers rich and realistic color processing. Enjoy an unparalleled user experience that’s powered by award-winning editing tools; plus it’s the only HDR photo software, named “Best App of the Year” by Apple.

You can enlarge photos up to 1000%, process multiple photos at once, and create canvas wraps that stretch or reflect the edges of your photo. Finally, you can print photos right from within the plugin and make adjustments right before printing. Flaming Pear Software develops many creative Photoshop plugins that allow you to completely transform your images.