No one love you ’til you dead, that’s once they you are going to care

No one love you ’til you dead, that’s once they you are going to care

Highly regarded inside stylish-start, lil’ Polo feel spittin’ circumstances A great amount of rappers doin’ ways even more stuntin’ than just givin’ straight back Your is not my color, then chances are you don’t know the brand new fight regarding livin’ black colored Police kill united states and we also protest, what type of shit would be the fact? Guy, in case the police take from the among my brothers, I’m blickin’ right back We dislike both therefore we simply would you like to score and you may go tit to have tattoo Many of these shorties need is actually items, they is not chasin’ an alternate stat Very riskin’ it all, what is the area when one to nigga hiphop? We seventeen, had forty years in the courtroom as soon as we gettin’ cracked Caught from the system, they simply watchin’ all of us falter if you find yourself layin’ straight back The federal government cuttin’ checks however, cannot slashed good nigga some slack It’s hard to help you get a career so we hustlin’, flip a pack It is all an appartment-upwards, no wonder why they phone call which bitch a trap Lifetime is screwed up, a matter of time ’til one nigga snap Article traumatic be concerned and you can him or her triggers keep gettin’ tapped R.I.P . Malcolm, I pledge to beat and you can fill her or him openings Him or her sides leave a nigga boxed-in, tryna escape Crazy how i love the same block that tried to crack myself Pray which i is not in my bonnet after they simply take myself So it the way we see an existence away from tranquility, everything we can not select I’m where we unheard and we also can not talk We check out college, they just be sure to write to us that which we can not be Cash having a billion dollar brain eg I’m JAY-Z It murdered in’ and today I am unable to sleep Why should the brand new Devil just take my brother in the event that the guy close to myself? Now for individuals who frightened, take my heart, you see my bros in the me personally I missin’ you man, this is not just how this crap said to be Feel I am trapped, I wish her or him avenue never ever recommended in my experience Online printed in this field together soldiers deep Now additional side desire to place an opening within the myself Like every single day you will become prevent of one’s highway for me personally I die younger so i couldn’t visualize an adult me Fightin’ demons, for example her or him drugs control me personally I let my personal direct go and you can kill whatever they informed in my experience ‘Member i isn’t enjoys something, exact same clothing having days Hardbody, that’s just how her or him items designed me Required currency and you will expanded accustomed to that prompt existence Stress using this technique for livin’, so we great time pipes Shit had me personally stressin’ three hundred and you can sixty-four nights Them some one workin’ against us such we do not keeps liberties It do not count just what so it money and therefore magnificence is also bring I’ve been hurtin’, tryna smile from aches and you can rips Need we are able to go back once again to him or her days whenever we played because the infants A lot from shit altered, that’s just the way it is

That’s merely (which is only the method it is) Particular things’ll never (particular things’ll never transform) Oh, oh, that is only the method it is (means it’s) Your situation (ooh) Which is just, which is only the ways it’s (the scenario) Particular things’ll never (particular things’ll never alter) Yeah, that is precisely the way it’s (ways it is) Your situation (yeah)

Rose “Limit, the manner in which you enable it to be out so it crap?

Never, never ever (ayy) A few things cannot transform (two things cannot alter) Never ever, never (ooh) Two things can never transform Mm-mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm

We enable it to be gorgeous on yo cut-off, i help that heat blow Connect a keen opp, we beat this new clip, it is the right time to reload Place a scope with the AR only instance a good peep-hole Consider the guy a bully, we had choppers to the Deebo Seven-figure nigga, tryna maximize her or him about three o’s Up until the purse, I happened to be f*cking all nut ho’s Balling difficult, younger legend out the Chi’ bitch, I’m for example D. ” I had the fresh cheat password So much more to life upcoming simply this new hood, I am looking to arrived at desires Maxine, my personal cardio, as you have been gone, We miss the nice spirit Aye, never ever tell a statement, i wouldn’t problem those Don’t wade talkin on it some body, greatest keep closed

He had been winning contests, had you moving in the exact middle of the newest club Got you moving in the pub I understand everything you going after, you can simply get this impression of an effective thug You can merely get this feeling out-of a good thug Rips losing, and it is liquor in your glass, anything you need is actually like Baby, whatever you want are love Simply talk to employers, separate, can not be f*cking with a rub Lady, I’m sure you can not end up being f*cking that have a rub

Bondin’ more pills and problems, dirty Sprite display My dawg are one of a kind, I’m sure the method of uncommon I’m sure life is a bitch and you will she don’t challenge reasonable The f*ck We awaken out-of a desire to a headache?

[Stunna cuatro Vegas:] You to guy a great bitch, which is their really blame For individuals who play, then you definitely late, we could crash out While i upwards in the crap, boy, it’s kid down And become all of the like pullin’ her or him groups aside DOA, bitch, I have their people’s aside A great rockstar throughout the block, I be noticed Originated in nothin’, I flip my personal progress out of While i strike the games that have my personal circulate, niggas ran of (Zero cap) F*ck it, I am not saying their average joe While i go out We tuck they I’m rich, I do not shop with the zero funds The guy clutchin’, my lil youngin wanted your a bucket I hop on so it bitch and you will focus on they Basically said they, We viewed it otherwise complete they This type of lil niggas never ever robbed no body Is not stuck nobody And isn’t gettin’ no cash (Cap) Where I’m from it is sports or gunplay I checked doing the new killers and you can buyers However, actually him or her niggas would not make it out 1 day Failed to f*ck my first Meters, I’m bein’ right here, hood glory Took off such as I found myself toward runway I’m a superstar yet still personal one way Following niggas cam but they will not play We allow them to weapons sing such as the choir with the Week-end

Beautify your own cut-off having red-tape, foenem slidin’ each and every day Pile o’ hollows spittin’ out the Glock I have been servin’ fiends all day, around printed towards the group Nigga, we is actually trained to get it off of the stop It is a good hunnid bands in the safer, today I’d pricey taste Mike Amiri trousers, complete ’em with knots I started back at my work every go out, don’t believe into the takin’ holidays We ain’t stoppin’ ’til i chillin’ on top

Leftover united states about, your viewed you to white glare I understand your walkin’ as much as Paradise on them light stairways Why can’t I recently pull up on cot and determine your own right there?