Og, queen out-of Bashan, came out along with his whole armed forces to fight all of us

Og, queen out-of Bashan, came out along with his whole armed forces to fight all of us

One to territory is throughout the Lake Arnon in order to *Attach Hermon

v1 ‘Second we turned into and we also ran along the route to the Bashan. He wanted to endeavor united states during the town titled Edrei. v2 Although *LORD believed to myself, “Don’t let yourself be afraid of him. I can bring your, his entire armed forces and his nation for your requirements. Fight against him in the same manner since you struggled Sihon, queen of your own *Amorites. Sihon influenced into the Heshbon.”

v3 So the *LORD the God paid to us Og, queen out of Bashan, as well as his armed forces. We killed all of them. I leftover not one of them alive. v4 At the same time, we *caught all the their urban centers. I *captured every one of their sixty towns and cities. I got the complete region titled Argob. It actually was Og’s *kingdom during the Bashan. v5 Each one of these metropolises had large structure with doors and you can taverns to guard her or him. There have been also of a lot communities rather than wall space. v6 I *forgotten them entirely as we got completed with Sihon, queen out-of Heshbon. I *lost all the metropolises. I murdered the brand new boys, the women additionally the pupils. v7 However, i took for ourselves all of the dogs as well as the mans possessions from the urban centers.

v8 Very at the time, i *seized the fresh territory on the east of your own River Jordan. I took it out-of both of these *Amorite leaders. v9 (The folks about nation titled Sidon entitled *Attach Hermon “Sirion”. This new *Amorites call it “Senir”.) v10 We *caught all the urban centers on the ordinary. I *captured this new countries entitled Gilead and you will Bashan doing Salecah and you may Edrei. People was indeed this new towns and cities from inside the Og’s *empire when you look at the Bashan. v11 Og, queen away from Bashan, is actually the very last of one’s *Rephaites. His sleep are iron. It was more 13 ft a lot of time and you will 6 foot wider (4 yards much time and you will 2 metres wide.) It’s still for the Rabbah, the city where in actuality the *Ammonites alive.’

They got highest hills along with

Bashan are a district one to expanded an effective crops. It had an excellent residential property getting *cattle therefore had large forests. It had been to your northern and you may north-east of your own area named Galilee. There have been more than sixty metropolises with a high walls and doorways to protect her or him. They called you to definitely part Argob. This new *Israelites *missing the metropolises and all the folks whom stayed in them. They didn’t eliminate the dogs. It failed to *damage things that that they had extracted from the latest urban centers. Particular pupils believe the expression for ‘bed’ (verse 11) function ‘the package for their lifeless body’. Since Og are a master, the latest sleep or perhaps the container to own their human anatomy was massive. Some body possess generated a box out-of a rock you to definitely contained iron in lieu of every one of iron.

God informed the new *Israelites so you can ruin some people and several one thing. Possibly anything can lead to men and women to *sin. Jesus told individuals totally free by themselves away from things in that way. (See Matthew 5:27-29.) He does not always mean that individuals is always to destroy their bodies. But they should do everything to eliminate *sin.

v12 ‘I separated the country that people *caught at that time. I offered toward *tribes of Reuben and you can Gad new region with the north regarding Aroer around the River Arnon. You to integrated 50 % of brand new slopes in the area titled Gilead plus the towns and cities. v13 I offered the remainder of Gilead as well as Bashan to help you half this new *group from Manasseh. That was in which Og governed. (Anyone always call the complete region of Argob inside the Bashan “the fresh new residential property you to definitely belongs to the *Rephaites”. v14 Jair, a great *descendant away from Manasseh, grabbed the complete area called Argob. One part decided to go to brand new edging regarding Geshur and Maacath. He titled the location immediately after themselves. Today someone nonetheless phone call Bashan “the fresh new communities that belong in order to Jair”.) v15 We provided Gilead so you’re able to Machir. v16 We gave the new area regarding Gilead to the River Arnon to the *people away from Reuben and you will Gad. Its boundary try the middle of the new lake. And their border was new Lake Jabbok. Which had been brand new edge with the *Ammonites. v17 The western border is actually the brand new River Jordan on Arabah area. Which had been all the home out-of Galilee towards the Dry Sea. It is below the mountains out of *Install Pisgah.’