Several adolescents including showed that a tense mother-son matchmaking could be improved, especially if its parents modeled an excellent father or mother-adolescent communication:

Several adolescents including showed that a tense mother-son matchmaking could be improved, especially if its parents modeled an excellent father or mother-adolescent communication:

Inspite of the adolescents’ expectations and you can desired regarding adult manage and you may firmness, they also conformed with their moms and dads you to definitely a beneficial interaction is actually extremely important to have a collectively loving and you can supporting dating

Simpatia and personalismo have been uniform themes of teenage focus teams. A good many kids planned to communicate with the moms and dads apparently, spontaneously, and you may openly, in place of concern about adult outrage. They believed that, to do so, moms and dads needed to take time to talk to them, listen to whatever they were saying, and work out him or her be liked. One adolescent elaborated into the need for energetic mother-adolescent correspondence:

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New adolescents and additionally felt that big date constraints impaired the exchange out of feelings and thoughts which have moms and dads. Like their mothers, the latest Dominican and you will Puerto Rican adolescents inside our desire communities discussed the traps displayed of the the mothers’ doing work times. One to adolescent required exactly what particular mothers had recommended: one to parents functions a lot fewer days to increase family unit members time.

Similar to the meaning of familismo, the fresh teenagers acknowledged and respected the effort parents exerted to their behalf. Regardless of if moms and dads shown concern about the risks from urban avenue, this new teenagers conveyed count on one to their moms and dads you certainly will include her or him by getting correctly strict. One to adolescent stated, “Better, I think that they can be rigid. For individuals who assist individuals such as your people enjoys liberty, you don’t know very well what they may do in the pub.” Teens recognized the importance of parental handle as a power you to do enable them to stay safe and you can fulfill important life requires, for example completing college: “You don’t wish your son or daughter to decrease out-of-school, so that’s why your gotta be tight” As opposed to their moms and dads, although not, teenage notice category players didn’t remark toward differential medication from teenagers by parents according to social traditions towards gender.

Both Dominican and Puerto Rican adolescents arranged making use of their moms and dads you to higher levels of manage and large degrees of passion have been important to the father or mother-teenage relationship, eg inside urban options

Early in the day studies have considering a limited as well as minutes contradictory look at from Latino parenting. The modern studies tried so you’re able to consist of this new uniquely Latino social constructs out-of familismo, respeto, personalismo, simpatia, and intercourse opportunities into the parenting domains from demandingness and you will responsiveness conceived because of the Baumrind. I made use of it Latino social construction for the an unbarred however, planned focus class structure in order to elicit even more authentic facts about Dominican and you can Puerto Rican parents as well as their teenagers, remaining in a metropolitan enclave, known parental handle and you can warmth in their relationships.

One to particularly important shared motif on the data was this new the quantity that parents and you can teens considered higher levels of love and you can higher amounts of control necessary to productive parenting. I recommend that, in framework of metropolitan Dominican and you will Puerto Rican group participating in this research, new Latino make out of respeto are similar to the make regarding demandingness (that’s, control) and therefore the fresh new create simpatia is consistent with the notion of responsiveness (which is, warmth). Within this Latino community, respeto refers to the importance of staying with authority, be it predicated on many years otherwise social standing. Simpatia, in turn, connotes confident, smooth, social relations and you may refers to the mutual agreement Latinos try and reach within their interpersonal relationship. With the parents within attention communities, respeto not only encompasses adult power therefore the behavior you to definitely children accord to help you parents, also stresses right conduct. Mothers and you will teenagers noted you to a higher level off control of teens is required because the teens benefit from constraints on their decisions, particularly in a metropolitan setting. Moms and dads unanimously stated that supervision and you will monitoring to their region, and you can obedience on the part of their teenagers, was crucial to your really-being of the many nearest and dearest.