What Causes Muscles To Tighten Up In Lower Back

Most people tend to experience stiff back pain and don’t know what could be the main reason behind the tightening of the muscles. Unlike long ago, when back pain was associated with old age today, it tends to affect people of different ages. This back pain is related to the lumber muscle strains and sprains.

When the standard functionality of this muscle is affected, it leads to stiffening and paining of the tissue.

We know that any stress on a muscle causes the muscle to respond in two ways that are the fight and flight. The reaction may lead to the tightening of the muscles.

Back pain

Again it should be noted that most of the muscle pains experienced are a result of a different issue in another part of the body, and the muscle reacts as a response and alarm to you and the body.


A majority of the back muscle stiffness is mostly associated with muscle spasm or lumbar arthritis.

But this is not the only reason. Lower back muscles stiffen because of a variety of different issues, as I am going to discuss on this page

Sports injuries and Accidents

The tight lower back is caused by sports injuries, especially in sporting activities that are too indulging and strenuous such as rugby and football. Secondly, one can get muscle pains because of accidents, don’t assume any accident that involves the backside it can lead to developing conditions that can cause tightening of muscles. Always get checked after an accident.


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Another reason for tightening up of the lower back muscle is overtraining, keeping fit is good but do not overdo it by indulging in heavy weights or long durations of training, always moderate.

Lack of Physical Exercise

Always ensure that you exercise primarily if you always use motor vehicles to move about. Ensure you walk every day where possible to make your muscles flexible and avoid stiffening.

Sitting for long durations

If you’re used to sitting for long durations, then you’re assured of stiff muscles and pain when you start walking. So after a specific duration, walk around the office or indulge in some minutes of physical stretches.

Knowing how to treat your muscles is the ultimate key to staying away from the pains and stiffness associated with muscle conditions. In case of prolonged stiffness, always seek medical assistance.