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Well, Ivory II by Steinway and Sons may be just what you need. Native Instruments’ Komplete 13 comes with a huge storage capacity of about 200GB which houses more than different sounds. Inside, you will also find a 45 product pack which includes additional software like UNA Corda, Strummed Acoustic, Reactor 6, Replika and many more. If you’re looking for more than just orchestral samples, Komplete 13 offers the most value on this list. The package includes a 34 classical DSP effect, 4 master effects, 4 insert effects for every instrument and patented ultra-quality reverb effects. With both the VST/DAW and standalone programs installed, you also enjoy the benefit of choosing how to play your instrument. Whether you’re a generalist music producer or an enthusiastic orchestral music specialist, finding the perfect orchestral VST is a difficult task.

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By the way, all the mobile video editing apps listed above also work great for Instagram, too. The video editing apps below, however, have been designed specifically with the Instagram platform in mind. GoPro is one of the most popular free video editing apps available for iPhone and Android users.

  • As well as creating eBooks, you also get agency rights so you can go on to sell your books.
  • Limited ebook storage in the main software – You need to purchase the Pro Edition in order to get unlimited ebook storage.
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If you’re still unsure, a beginner, or on a low budget, Garritan Instant Orchestra might be the best orchestral VST available. This tool fits into any budget at $179.95 and is loaded with all the necessary features to produce great orchestral music. However, Synthogy’s Ivory II is the best choice if you primarily compose piano pieces within larger orchestra productions.

Many of the software vendors offer music samples for you to evaluate the quality of the samples; however, the ease of use of the software and its workflow are also important to consider. Do you have your own recommendations for the best video editing software?

There are times when you download free softward just want to post a video collage without making fancy edits. With the app, you can put together a college in seconds, to share travel videos, display how-to’s, and more. This app was created by Instagram, so it really does have that platform in mind.

If you specialize in orchestral music production, you should consider the Philharmonik Orchestra, the Vienna Symphonic Library, or the Garritan Instant Orchestra. These choices provide a range for all budgets, and are incredibly versatile. If you are looking for flexibility in terms of your sample library’s authenticity, the Vienna Symphonic Library is a good choice. Because of its pure samples you will be able to customize your instruments to your heart’s content. While most orchestral VSTs adopt a modern sound, the Vienna Symphonic Library has maintained its classic approach to orchestral instrument reproduction, making it a staple in the music industry. Looking for the ultimate piano VST for your orchestral production?


By condensing a lot of time into a short video, Hyperlapse can create interesting videos for your followers. take your Instagram Stories to the next level with these video editing apps?

Where the interface shines though, is its massive selection of editing tools where notes, rests, accents, techniques, texts, clefs, dynamics, barlines, and repeats can be added. There are three different versions of the program – Melody, Ensemble and Professional. The full comparison list and main differences can be found in the table below. At the time of this review, the Professional was not yet available. The website says that the Professional version will be available soon.